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vegan friendly

100% vegan friendly (made with plant enzymes)


Fewer Calories and 100% safe for pregnant moms.

Global Export

We export to countries to promote healthy drinking.

Wine in a can

South Africa's first premium alcohol-free wine in a can.

Premium Non-Alcoholic Wine

Because we care for you!

Premium non alcoholic wine or a de alcoholised wine brand is a creation of our dear Aunt Sharon, especially in both local and international markets.

Accordingly, the name Norah’s originates from Sharon spelled backward with the addition of the ‘valley’ as an opportunity to create a sense of place.

Moreover, a hand-crafted flora frame was inspired by the Rose of Sharon, ‘Hibiscus Syriacus’. Basically, it includes the 5 ‘elements’; Heaven, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire in the center of the icon.

You may be asking yourself: What does de alcoholised mean? 

In simple language, we bring the grapes to the wine cellar and later destalked and crushed. Undertaking, the conventional fermentation and wine-making process. We remove the alcohol from the finished wine with no additions and are chemical-free. Using cutting-edge technology, the wine is put through a spinning cone at low temperatures in a vacuum.

The premium non-alcoholic wine is ready to serve in various ways.

About us

Experience the Magic by Norah’s Valley

Norah’s Valley was founded in 2019. It is our mission “To create great tasting organic beverages that promote a healthy, responsible lifestyle.”

Therefore, the beauty of this fertile land is inspiring to many poets and philosophers.

Hence, feel the magic of Norah’s Valley.

Additionally, enjoy a de-alcoholised, smooth, elegant, and luxurious wine in its purest and natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol. Moreover, revel in the richness of its flavors without any compromise. Furthermore, savor the experience of indulgence without the effects of alcohol.