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Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling De-alcoholised Wine – Case of 6


Tasting notes compiled by Michael Oliver food and wine commentator and life time achievement award winner for Eat Out.

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Tasting Notes

Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling 2020 is a premium non-alcoholic sparkling wine made of the finest Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Western Cape Wine of Origin Appellation.  Less than 0.5% alcohol, low in sugar, and officially dry. The Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling has a vibrant sparkle and is low in calories, and the result is a crisp delicate bodied wine.

Wine of Origin – Western Cape
Composition – 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Maturation – The wine is for immediate drinking.

In the cellar

We brought the grapes to the wine cellar and later destalked and crushed them. Undertaking, the conventional fermentation and wine-making process. We remove the alcohol from the finished wine with no additions and are chemical free. We put the wine through a spinning cone at low temperatures in a vacuum using cutting-edge technology. The fermentation takes place following maturation in French Oak Barrels. Before bottling the wine is flushed with Carbon Dioxide to create its lively sparkle.

Tasting notes

Elegantly labeled in a classical Champagne-shaped bottle, closed with natural cork and a wire muzzle. Above all, the non-alcoholic sparkling wine in the glass is a pale golden straw with vibrant bubbles rushing to the surface. The aromas are of bright sub-tropical fruits, desiccated pineapple, passion fruit, and ripe mango. The palate is delicate generous and alive with the aromas making a reprise with winter melon and sweet tropical limes at the end. Basically, well balanced and harmonious.

Food suggestions

The Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling is a great glass on its own, as a mid-morning refresher, as an aperitif, and is an excellent food partner. Perfect for celebration, though not specifically. Serve in an ice bucket, chilled at between 6°C and 10°C. As the wine is dry, smoked fish canapés, a vegetarian Risotto, and surprisingly, delicately flavored cheese, cow, sheep, or goat, all make perfect partners.

Typical Nutrition Information: Alc 0.27%|Energy 91.67kj|Protein .1g|Carb 5.3gTotal Fat <.05g |Sugar 4.07g|and Sodium 10.07mg

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satin sparkling de alcoholised wine case of 6

Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling De-alcoholised Wine – Case of 6