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Silk White Bottle

silk white alcohol-free wine bottle

The inspiration behind creating a de-alcoholised brand in both the local and international market is courtesy of our dear Aunt Sharon. The name Norah’s originates from Sharon spelt backwards with addition of the ‘valley’ as an opportunity to create a sense of place. A hand-crafted flora frame, designed with the inspiration of Rose of Sharon, ‘Hibiscus Syriacus’ and includes the 5 ‘elements’; Heaven, Air, Water, Earth, Fire in the center of the icon. Norah’s Valley Silk White is a premium de-alcoholised wine made of the finest Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Western Cape Wine of Origin Appellation.  Less than 0.5% alcohol, low in sugar and officially dry. It is low in calories, and the result is a crisp delicate bodied wine.


A pale golden straw tinted wine with aromas of bright fruit, desiccated pineapple and mango. A delicious and refreshing beverage with flavors of pineapple, winter melon, mango and a lovely undertow of sweet tropical limes. Silk White, in its leaf-coloured bottle basically well balanced and harmonious in the waning aftertaste.


Every wine has an untold story, and so does our Silk White alcohol-free wine. We bring the grapes to the wine cellar and later destalked and crushed. Undertaking, the conventional fermentation and wine making process. We remove the alcohol from the finished wine with no additions and chemical free. Using cutting edge technology, we put the wine through a spinning cone at low temperatures in a vacuum. The fermentation takes place following maturation in French Oak Barrels. Silk White de-alcoholised wine is formed.

The Norah’s Valley Silk White is a great glass on its own and is an excellent food partner without doubt. Silk white also act as a mid-morning refresher and an aperitif. Serve chilled at between 7°C and 10°C. Crisp summery salads, chicken, fish and seafood, or goat cheese all make great partners.