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Drink and Drive with De-alcoholised wine

Norah's Valley- Drink and Drive

“Be wise, do not Drink & Drive”- A fact that is mentioned to every human being.

Norah’s Valley can proudly say “Drink and Drive” in any season. Well, you must be surprised to hear this but it is the beauty of alcohol-free wines by Norah’s Valley. This de-alcoholised wine can be consumed by pregnant women, fitness freaks, health-conscious people, and more. It has less than 0.5% alcohol, low calorie, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free. To educate on the same, we are currently running a campaign on social media to highlight the importance of non-alcoholic drinks. Having Norah’s de-alcoholised wine will not let you restrict yourself to any situation. You will find a variety of alcohol-free wines with different flavors available online and at various stores across South Africa.

Norah’s Valley is South Africa’s first alcohol-free wine in a can as well as bottles which is easy to carry anywhere and anytime. The non-alcoholic wine lets you have an amazing and healthy lifestyle. So you can indulge yourself with Norah’s Valley De-alcoholised wine without worrying about the consequences. A mindful and responsible choice of yours can stop you from getting hurt later.

Take your family, friends, girlfriends, or even boyfriend out for a sober day where you can remember every minute moment and enjoy the fullest.

So, this season enjoy your holidays with your loved ones along with an alcohol-free wine. Go on a drive with Norah’s Wine and feel the fun.

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