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A non-alcoholic wine drinkers guide for your next trip

drinkers guide

Setting out on an adventure shortly? Remember to bring the necessities: a warm sweater, a good book, and of course, some Norah’s Valley non-alcoholic wine. As a fellow grape-free adventurer,  we have put up a drinkers guide for you. This is to make sure your next journey is full of delicious sip-times and life-long memories.

Ever wonder how to lighten the mood on those protracted highway drives? So get a bottle of Norah’s Valley Velvet Red de-alcoholised wine. Its strong notes of bright fruit, cherry, mulberry, and roadside brambles will make your trip feel a little more festive. You can also maintain your composure for those impromptu detours and roadside sights. On the other hand, imagine snow-covered mountains, a fireplace, and a glass of Norah’s Valley Silk White by your side. With its zesty aromas, it is the ideal partner for chilly mountain excursions. Sip some, inhale the clean air, and allow the spirit of the holidays to envelope you. With hints of fresh-cut strawberries, rose petals, and candy floss, this de-alcoholised Cashmere Rose is an ideal choice for beachside relaxation. Dive into your favorite book, feel the sand between your toes, and let the Rose transport you to a coastal paradise.

Remember, the beauty of non-alcoholic wine lies not just in its taste but in the moments it enhances. You can ensure that every bottle is crafted to perfection. We allow you to savor the experience wherever your travels take you. Here’s to sipping through the scenery with Norah’s Valley—because every journey deserves a touch of de-alcoholized magic. Cheers to the road ahead!