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Why you should drink Norah’s Valley de-alcoholised wine?

drink non alcoholic wine

A tasteful new take on de-alcoholised wine, with many added benefits.

Norah’s Valley is not just a wine but a de-alcoholised wine! Made with passion and love to provide you a drink which gives you the feel but keeps you sober too.

Be it a pregnant lady or a fitness enthusiast, this de-alcoholised drink is a great way to set the mood as well as the health. Norah’s Valley was founded in 2019 in South Africa. It is our mission “To create great tasting organic beverages that promote a healthy, responsible lifestyle.”

Overall benefits of Norah’s Valley De-Alcoholised wine-

– Vegan Friendly- 100% vegan friendly (made with plant enzymes)

– Fewer Calories- and 100% safe for pregnant moms.

– Wine in a Can- SA’s First Alcohol-free wine in a can.

Norah’s Valley Products

  1. Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling Alcohol Free 300ml Can 12 pcs/bo
  2. Norah’s Valley Cashmere Rosé Alcohol Free 300ml Can 12pcs/box
  3. Norah’s Valley Silk White Alcohol Free 300ml Can 12pcs/box
  4. Norah’s Valley Premium Gift Box Set
  5. Norah’s Valley Cashmere Rosé- Case of 6
  6. Norah’s Valley Red and White Mixed Box- Case of 6
  7. Norah’s Valley Satin Sparkling 2020- Case of 6
  8. Norah’s Valley Silk White 2020- Case of 6
  9. Norah’s Valley Velvet Red- Case of 6

A surprising collection of De-alcoholised wine in bottles as well as cans. Visit our website for further details and order now.