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From Vineyard to Glass: The story behind Norah’s De-alcoholised Wine


Have you wondered how that exotic glass of non-alcoholic wine ended up in your hand? Let us tell you the journey from the vineyard of Norah’s Valley De-alcoholised wine and you can discover the secrets behind this exceptional alcohol-free wine that has taste, quality, and several benefits.

Firstly, we export quality pinotage, sauvignon blanc, and cinsault varieties of grapes from vineyards. In the wine cellar, the grapes are destalked.  After crushing the grapes, they undergo a fermentation process. In this fermentation process, our non-alcoholic wine undergoes the same aging process as an alcoholic wine. Now here comes the best part of the wine-making process de-alcoholisation. Then, you get to see the alcohol is removed from the finished wine. This wine is without any additions and is chemical-free. By using technology, the wine passes through the spinning cone at a low temperature under a vacuum and hence de-alcoholised wine is formed.

Our non-alcoholic wine is vegan-friendly, low in calories, less sugar, gluten-free, and has less than 0.05% alcohol. You have everything in our non-alcoholic wine because we care for you.

Besides, our non-alcoholic wine will also benefit you from stress, prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, minimize cardiovascular risk, brain stimulation, and low cholesterol. So, stop worrying about your health and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Overall, our exquisite collection of non-alcoholic wines will attract your senses and leave you craving more. Our bottles and cans are made with dedication and passion. You can always pair it with your meal at any gathering, romantic dinner, or outside picnic. Our alcohol-free wine lets you enjoy your moment without any side effects. Let’s Cheer to the magic of Norah’s Valley. 

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